Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fantastic Murals of San Francisco's Mission District - Part One

I'm labeling this posting as part one because I anticipate doing several more of these related postings. The Mission District of San Francisco is filled with a color explosion of unique murals. Because the district is large, there is no way to do all the of murals in one walk....they are everywhere - the main streets and the alleyways.

Some of them tell of specific events in history, many reflect the culture of a particular Latin country, the influences of particular tribes - they mystical that dominated everyday lives.

I did this video some time back, for select people on Facebook and it got such a wonderful response that I decided to share it on You Tube.Hope you enjoy it.................The video is in HD....(Please click on the You Tube logo that you see in this thumbnail, it will open the video up on You Tube in a larger size to really appreciate the photos/video clips)

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