Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Blogging To Me .....

I finally gave in & decided to start a blog. I held off blogging for the longest time, thinking it would be too time consuming, but now have had a change of heart about the matter and see it's the best way to go.

The photo you see here was a birthday card I received in 1985....inside it read "Happy Birthday To One Of The Most Interesting Persons I Know". What was equally interesting about that is that I got the card from a co-worker whom I always felt was somewhat aloof toward me/didn't particularly care for me, so it was a total (and pleasant) surprise to receive this from her.

I felt I had somehow been validated & someone else had also noticed that I was anything but boring or predictable. I may bore occasionally by being stuck on one topic for too long, but I also have been called a walking trivia encyclopedia because I'm constantly relating things that I've read, heard or observed throughout the day and now I've found the perfect way to share the diverse things I enjoy: travel, music, film, trivia, nature walks, vinyl collecting, gardening and everything in between.

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