Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Still Missing "Six Feet Under" after all these years.

There are certain TV shows that come along that grab you in every way imaginable. They stand out from all of your other favorites, and when they come to an end...you really do feel lost in many ways. The HBO series "Six Feet Under" was one of those. The funny thing is that I didn't begin to watch it until it had reached the end of its second season on HBO. When I saw the previews, originally, for some reason I was not motivated to watch.

The fact that it is about death and a family who run a mortuary didn't help win me over. I can't recall exactly what finally nudged me to watch it; I suppose eventually curiosity got the better of me. Watch I did...and that was all she wrote!! I became fanatical about this show, finding the break between seasons unbearable. Some of the best acting and writing made this series so memorable and I sorely missed  that after it went off the air.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I was sobbing continuously during the last 10 minutes of the season finale....I really did feel I was losing some of the best friends I'd ever known, that I had been part of this wonderful family...with all their quirks, major problems, but also fun.

Here is a segment of the this finale set to music (Sia - "Breathe Me") and it captures the emotions so well. If you've seen the series, you'll recall this bittersweet moment...for all others: Claire, the youngest daughter, is leaving to move away and everything fast forwards in time as we see her & her family as they age and then pass on..in keeping with the overall theme of what the show as about for so many seasons:

....the tears come again...haven't seen this in ages.

Thank you HBO for a most excellent series! If you want to learn more about this great series which is still available in reruns on HBO, as well as a DVD compilation, go to:

One of the main leads in the show, Michael C. Hall, has gone on to star in yet another memorable series (on Showtime) - "Dexter", which is also a hallmark of excellent writing and acting.

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